The Secret Behind Steve Job’s Reality Distortion Field

steve-01Steve Jobs had almost supernatural powers that gave him the ability to shatter people’s beliefs of what was possible. In fact, it was so powerful that people consistently produced miracles, while under what was termed his ‘Reality Distortion Field’.

Apple employee Bud Trimble first started using the term in 1981 as a way of describing Steve Jobs’ over-the-top sense of belief in what was possible. It came from an episode of Star Trek, where aliens produced an alternative reality through the force of their will.

So what was it?


Feeling Out of Whack? Your Chakras Could Be The Key

Siete chakrasYou probably know that beyond your physical anatomy is your energy anatomy which plays a key role in your physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

There are seven main drivers of your energy anatomy or energy body. Together they form a kind of signature of who we are – our beliefs, our health, how open we are to our intuition, our sexuality and more.

If your health or your emotions are out of whack, chances are your chakras are unbalanced. Opening and balancing these energy centres can have a transformational affect on your emotional and physical wellbeing. (more…)

Why Family Business Exit Strategies Fail

With masses of Baby Boomers getting older and ready to exit their businesses, many owners of family-run businesses are having challenges handing over the reigns to their children.

In fact, according to findings from Pitcher Partners, Swinburne University and the Australian Research council, it’s a major issue. Over 75% of business owners have no exit strategy. (more…)

Donald Trump,Gut Instinct & Where Many People Get It Wrong

(Excerpt from the book, Invisible Genius by Kristina Mills)

Donald Trump is legendary for many things. One of them is the laser-like accuracy of his gut instinct.

In his book Think Like a Champion, he talks about what happened when he first met Mark Burnett, the creator of the television show The Apprentice.

He said that within a few seconds of meeting Mark, he knew that he was one hundred percent solid, both as a person and as a professional.


13 Tips To Fire Up Your Facebook Advertising Results

Facebook Advertising can be a fantastic way to build your list and increase sales. Here are some quick tips to improve your results.

1.    Spy

Check out how other people are advertising on Facebook. Remember – that many companies test various advertising formats so from time to time you’ll see different ads from the same company. Be sure to make a mental note of the companies who test different ads and notice the one that they seem to run with that most. Chances are, that’s their “control” or the ad that’s working the best for them.


Tested Copywriting Sentences And How To Penetrate The Cloud

Sales “scientist”, Elmer Wheeler was an absolute master of understanding how buyers think and understanding how  to really connect with a buyers’ hopes and fears, conversationally.

In the following article, Mr. Wheeler talks about “penetrating the cloud”. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether we are walking down a street or scanning through a newspaper, we are all walking around in a fog. It’s then the job of an advertisement, to penetrate that fog. If it doesn’t, your advertising dollar has been wasted. If it does, you have captured their attention and you’re one step closer to generating a sale.

Here’s an excerpt from our “College of Copywriting” Freelance Copywriting course where Elmer Wheeler talks about this in detail …


The Words that Sell To Women

Next time you’re writing sales copy, consider this when you’re marketing to women or men, specifically …

As a marketing professional you obviously know your product well, so you’ll know that the needs of your men clients are different to those of your women clients. And salespeople, you’ll know that when you’re selling in a face-to-face situation you’ll highlight certain features to women and other features of the product to men – that goes with the territory.

You’ll probably know too that the same goes when you write sales copy …to focus on the buying motives of both sexes (if your audience is evenly split) and focus on the benefits that appeal to both sexes.


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