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What a day!

This morning I drove my children from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane to spend some time with their dad. It was pelting down, water over the road and water lapping against the bridges as we crossed them. For us, it was a little scary but more so it was an adventure. Then – I dropped the boys off and returned home, and my sense of adventure soon turned to an overwhelming sense of grief as I turned on the TV.

Like you, I saw footage of the devastation that had occurred in Toowoomba  in particular, footage of a family in a vehicle in the last moments of their lives as they were washed down flood waters caused by the 8 metre inland tsunami.

I then heard about something that I would have though to be as equally as impossible – the flooding of Brisbane’s CBD (where my children are staying with their dad).

So, today’s lesson is a little different to what I had originally planned. It isn’t on the schedule but today’s events serve as an important lesson about what’s really important in our businesses and in our lives.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier lessons it isn’t about making money.

As leading philosopher, Dr. John F Demartini talks about, leading a fulfilled, inspirational life is about having a purpose that is greater than ourselves. It’s about using our lives to touch the lives of others in some way — whether it’s simply by creating memorable experiences for the people around us or whether it’s in a large way by creating a Foundation and building your own wealth so you can contribute to the lives of others less fortunate – it doesn’t matter. In doing that, we touch our own lives.

If you’d like to explore the opportunities for contributing check out this website – Buy One Give One. They’re a not for profit organisation with the tagline, “Giving businesses the opportunity to change our lives”. http://www.b1g1.com/buy1give1/ On the site you’ll see some very inspirational examples of how businesses are changing lives.

Buy One Give One Free is about connecting businesses with charities and using “contribution” as a way to not only make a difference in a lot of lives, but also as a tool to increase business success.

With the worst yet to come in Brisbane, let’s all send love to the people in low-lying areas of Brisbane, hoping they stay safe. If you’d like to donate to the Qld Flood Appeal you can do that at http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html

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