I Cried When I Saw This Video That Revealed One of the Greatest Copywriting Secrets Ever

I was at a Google seminar this week and the presenter played a very short video. Even though I’d seen it before, the punchline at the end brought a tear to my eye. It showcased what I call “the Missing Element”.

Interestingly, it’s also point no. 18 ” in my “17  Fundamental Copywriting Truths” ebook. If you haven’t grabbed your free copy, you can do that here.

17 Fundamental Truths that Tell the REAL Story About Writing Words that Sell

Tested Copywriting Sentences And How To Penetrate The Cloud

Sales “scientist”, Elmer Wheeler was an absolute master of understanding how buyers think and understanding how  to really connect with a buyers’ hopes and fears, conversationally.

In the following article, Mr. Wheeler talks about “penetrating the cloud”. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether we are walking down a street or scanning through a newspaper, we are all walking around in a fog. It’s then the job of an advertisement, to penetrate that fog. If it doesn’t, your advertising dollar has been wasted. If it does, you have captured their attention and you’re one step closer to generating a sale.

Here’s an excerpt from our “College of Copywriting” Freelance Copywriting course where Elmer Wheeler talks about this in detail …


The Words that Sell To Women

Next time you’re writing sales copy, consider this when you’re marketing to women or men, specifically …

As a marketing professional you obviously know your product well, so you’ll know that the needs of your men clients are different to those of your women clients. And salespeople, you’ll know that when you’re selling in a face-to-face situation you’ll highlight certain features to women and other features of the product to men – that goes with the territory.

You’ll probably know too that the same goes when you write sales copy …to focus on the buying motives of both sexes (if your audience is evenly split) and focus on the benefits that appeal to both sexes.


The Anatomy of a Hot Google Adwords Ad

A Google AdWords Ad has four lines:

Line 1: Keyword-rich benefit headline

Before we talk about how to write a great Google Ad, let’s just go back to basics and get inside the head of someone who is using the Google Search Engine.

Picture this … your website visitor is interested in finding something on the Internet so they type some keywords into the search engine. Up comes a search engine results page with a list of websites that matched their search terms.


What Your Email Inbox Reveals about Email Subject Lines that Sell

If you scan your overloaded inbox each day do you ever take notice of the emails that you open and the ones you discard?

Do you ever scan the email subject lines and take a mental note of the types of subject headers being used by the internet marketing pros and how the “feel” of them seems to change over time.

When you do that and you do it frequently enough you’ll start to see something unique shine through amongst all the marketing guff.


How to Boost Your Sales by 22% Virtually Overnight

Perhaps you have heard of the business growth equation (otherwise known as the 5 ways to increase the profitability of your business).

As part of that equation, there are two areas that (I find) most business professionals overlook and, as a result, end up costing themselves big money (no matter whether they’re in the online or offline space).

Let’s take a look at what they are. …