Direct Mail Copywriting Secrets: The Visual Involvement Device

Here’s an excerpt from one of the modules of my Freelance Copywriting Course . It talks about the power of using visual involvement devices in  your direct mail efforts.

Today, more and more people are getting bombarded by direct mail, and with that, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure your direct mail piece has what it takes to get to the top of that pile AND gets read. AND … if your clients are business decision makers it’s often even more difficult to get your letter seen by the right person because, quite often, the secretary or gatekeeper screens all direct mail before it gets passed on. If they don’t deem it worthy, it gets binned.

A fantastic way to double, even quadruple, your responses is to include a visual device in your package. A visual device stimulates your readers’ senses and helps them relate to what you’re saying.


S*ex and Charisma … How to Use it to Increase Your Sales And Advertising Responses

Picture this …

One summer Sunday afternoon, four guys in their thirties were relaxing with a few beers watching the cricket at the local pub. They were having a great time “downing scooners”, yelling out their own play-by-play commentary of the televised proceedings.

When the cricket match stopped for lunch, two beautiful, blonde, promotions girls walked into the bar. They walked up to the guys and the most scantily clad of the two leant over them and said, “Hi fellas. Having a great time?”, with a big smile and a flirtatious look. “Would any of you like to buy a can of the new X brand Bourbon?”


Teddy Roosevelt’s Influencing Secrets

It’s irritating. Ask most people how they feel about being sold to and this is the answer you’ll probably get. Today, more than ever, people don’t like being told what to do. That’s why sales tactics of a decade ago simply aren’t working today. And that’s also why sales people and copywriters today are approaching the sales process in a different way.

When Theodore Roosevelt was New York Governor he achieved what many people believed to be the impossible. He managed to develop a great relationship with political heavyweights, yet at the same time manage to get these same political heavyweights to vote for a number of sweeping reforms that they were often bitterly opposed to.


The Warrior Copywriters Who Change the World

With nine different copywriting personality types the Warrior copywriter is the one that pushes boundaries the most.

You’ll either love or loathe the Warrior copywriter. They’re bold. They’re brash at times. They’re larger than life. They’re confident and they’re full of themselves at times as well. They’ll also tell it like it is. If they don’t think the client’s marketing approach or copy will work, they’ll tell them in no uncertain terms.

These copywriters are here to get results for the clients. They’re not here to fluff around or win a popularity contests but they do want your respect. They’re not afraid to go out on a limb and offer innovative creative concepts either.


Meet the Patriot Copywriter – Loyalist, Problem-Solver, Systems Following Guru

For anyone looking for a copywriter who is a rock of stability and loyalty, the Patriot copywriter could be perfect.

Patriots are often the best choice for working with top secret, highly sensitive material because there discretion as well as their loyalty to a cause are beyond reproach.

Patriot copywriters are most at ease in a working environment that offers a lot of stability and support so employee roles often suit Patriots the best.

She is 100% committed to her clients and always does what she says she’s going to do when she says she is going to do it. She’s a great trouble-shooter and has an incredible ability to future-pace campaigns where she foresees potential challenges with market reaction to a copywriting piece and adjusts the copywriting piece to suit.

If rubbed the wrong way, Patriots can be rebellious, defensive, evasive and highly stressed. On a whole though, loyalty and reliability are the Patriot copywriter’s greatest gift. In fact, she is so loyal she will go down with the ship. She’ll stay employed at places she hates much longer than she should because of that loyalty.

Patriots are great and most comfortable following systems. Once she learns a copywriting system, she’ll stick to it. Once she learns a new technique she’ll stick to that too. With that, she thrives in structured work environments.


And when it comes to copywriting, she also thrives at writing copy that has a set structure to it. Technical writing, corporate communications material, non-fiction books, general business writing are all great choices for a Patriot copywriter. Patriots can also be great direct response copywriters especially because direct response focuses on salesmanship in print and writing to a formula more so than writing to be creative.


Minds Like Einstein and Creativity to Match – Introducing “The Thinker Copywriter”

Some copywriters are great thinkers, other copywriters are great at following a system, and some are supremely creative. Of the nine different copywriting types, the Thinker Copywriter is the one that has mastery over the most writing skill sets.

Think Einstein and Stephen Hawking and you can get a feel for the kind of mind that a Thinker Copywriter has. They often have incredible genius and massive levels of creativity.

One of the reasons for that is that they’re intensely curious with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Thinkers will spend hours voraciously scouring the internet researching a client’s company, their products and services, new copywriting techniques to employ, trends in the industry – anything that might add to a result.

Thinkers are often loners and introverted preferring to write on their own.  They’re great at coming up with unique solutions to problems.  And have a great attention span.

Not only that, Thinkers are often ahead of their time and visionary and pioneering in their approach to their copywriting work. With that their minds are brilliant assets in brainstorming and strategic planning sessions in situations where they have had time to research the topic thoroughly beforehand. Thinkers are also masterful at picking an idea to pieces identifying the reasons why something won’t work and then putting it back together in a way that it does work.

When they’re not at their best though, they can get detached, aloof and absent-minded.

Thinker copywriters are the creators and pioneers of new copywriting systems, and work best in areas where their minds are challenged – writing copy for highly complex products and services, writing copy that solves complex problems. They’re also the marathon runners of the copywriting world as they have great endurance and concentration levels so writing books is something they often enjoy.