The Effects of Caffeine on Intuition

Mmm … coffee. That warm, nurturing smell and taste.

As tantalising it is to the nose and to the taste buds, if you’re an intuitive chances are you’ll know how detrimental it is to your connection with your inner wisdom.

In my book, I talk about a variety of foods, substances and elements that have had a proven effect on either elevating or lowering our levels of consciousness, and shutting off or opening our access to our intuition.

Caffeine is one of them.


Consciousness Experiment: Sourdough

bread, wheat, consciousness levelsIn my adventures on the path to “Know Thyself” I continually conduct experiments on myself to see how various relatively everyday environmental factors, foods, meditation techniques, and thought processes affect me directly or have an impact on my life in some way.

What I’ve found is that everything, absolutely everything affects our consciousness levels – either for the better or the worse … and especially food.


Consciousness Experiment: The Dentist

Even the thought of a trip to the dentist strikes fear into most people.

Why? Is it the thought of pain? Or is it something else?

For people who read my experiments in consciousness you may know that I love seeing how various environmental factors affect my state of consciousness.  I experiment with a lot of minor elements to see the effect they have. I document them as part of my research into consciousness for the Alchemy Sciences Institute.