Why Most People Won’t Achieve Their 2012 Goals … The Missing Step

Many people set goals and then put in place the action steps to achieve those goals. Does that mean you will achieve your goals? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t achieve their goals, or why they achieve their goals and they don’t stick is they miss out one crucial element.

It’s the post-mortem of their past goal-setting efforts.  We all know it’s important to think positively about where we want to head. We all know the importance of action, as well.

But – for us to achieve our goals we first need to become the type of person who owns that luxury car. The person who nets a million dollars or more. The person who loves their body and feels great about it. To BE that person we need to look at who you are now.

Now – here’s the missing element…

It’s getting real about where we are now – not glossing over the negatives or the downside of our situation – but really taking a deep, close look at the current situation you’re in. Taking a deep, close look at what limiting beliefs you have that got you where you are today.

Without doing that, no matter which goals you set yourself you’ll still continue to get more of the same. More of what you have achieved in the past.

So – know yourself. Know your shadow side. The side of you that feels you’re unworthy. The side that feels you’re powerless. The side that feels you’re not good enough. Until we can get in touch with these elements of ourselves and “heal” them, it will be Ground Hog Day all over again.

I’ll admit it – facing one’s shadow is often an unpleasant experience but when you can do that, and take actions to neutralise it, it is one of the most important keys to achieving whatever you want in life.

The first step in neutralising your shadow and getting power over it is to stare it in the face and recognise it for what it is. Once we do that, it loses a lot of its hold over you.

  • What do you commonly say or think about yourself? I’m stupid. I’m not good enough.

“I don’t know enough.”

“I never get what I want.”

Or something else.

  • What do you commonly say or think about others?

“Nobody loves me.”

“People are selfish.”

Or something else

  • What do you commonly say or think about the world?

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world”

The answers to these questions are your limiting beliefs. They aren’t true. They’re illusions that you first made up when you were a child. Then – every time something that you perceived to be bad happened, you kept reinforcing those beliefs. Now – they are part of how you operate in the world. Yet – they are not real. You made them up. You are operating in the world based on the illusions of a six year old child. Every decision you make, every thought you have, every feeling you have, is done through the eyes of that six year old.

The next step is to see how these limiting beliefs have played out in all areas of your life. Get really present with the level of impact that these beliefs have been having on your income, your health, your relationships, your family. Get really present with that. And YES it may hurt or at least make you squirm.

Next – recognise these limiting beliefs as illusions. When you can recognise that these aren’t real they completely lose their power over you.  How to do that?

That’s an article in itself however there are many different methods to use. I’ve experimented with many of them over the last 10 years.  What I’ve found that the method that works best depends on the willingness of the person, the stage in their “journey” and the personality of the person.

One of the challenges with limiting belief eradication processes is that the person doing the work works through the process with their logical mind and they don’t get completely, completely present with the impact that this limiting belief is having on their life. So – they are employing their own self-sabotage patterns when going into the process. Needless to say, in many situations, the process doesn’t work.

Processes fall into two main groups:

  1. Psychological processes – where a person is asked to relive certain situations in their past and then use certain steps to neutralise these beliefs.
  2. Metaphysical processes – this is where an energy healing practitioner channels energy which bypasses the person’s subconscious mind and helps emotional healing occur on a cellular level without the person actively going through a certain type of process.

Either one can be very effective depending on the situation. A few years ago I started combining both in the same session – using both energy work and the psychological processes during my coaching work, and once I started doing that, it produced a dramatic shift in results.

No matter which process you use to eradicate those limiting beliefs, the vital thing to do is to sit down and recognise what they are – first. Then – get present with how they have impacted your life so far (really present). These two steps alone will have an enormous impact on the manifesting of your goals.

Woodford Folk Festival And The Entrepreneur’s Key To Manifestion

It’s magical how our children continually teach us about ourselves … teach us about business … teach us about life in general.

As entrepreneurs we get so focused on the HOW of achieving a goal. We often spend hours trying to think up solutions. Trying to think up new ways of doing things. Spend hours caught up in fighting fires and DO-ING in general.

And right now especially, as we enter 2012, chances are many people have thought about what they want to happen this year and busily try to think of HOW they’re going to achieve it.

In my experience and as many of the personal development books also say, thinking HOW doesn’t work in a sustainable way. Sure, it can provide short term solutions but it’s only when we can let go of the HOW and surrender … trust that our higher self will bring the solution … that the magical solutions manifest.

Just this week was yet another great reminder of that for me. More specifically, it was a great reminder of how our vibration levels … how the energy state we maintain is EVERYTHING. It’s way more important than what we think. It’s WAY more powerful than any solution we can come up with.

I was at Woodford Folk Festival and in a fairly calm mood but I wasn’t completely present. I was a little in my head wondering how I was going to match the entertainment needs of my children with the entertainment needs of my friend and at the same time meet up with some other friends who wanted to see the bands, and have a fun time myself.  While I was doing all this thinking, my children were telling me they were bored, argumentative and not having a good time, and it was creating confused telephone communication with my friend who I was trying to meet up with.

Quickly realising what I was doing, I stopped thinking and raised my energy vibration to one of “love”. The instant I did that the boys completely changed (without words being spoken). They started cuddling me and kissing me and started having a great time and the affection and fun continued for the rest of the day and into the night. And my vibration level stayed high all afternoon and into the night. Co-incidence? I don’t think so.

This morning it happened once again. I was a little tired and a little dehydrated so I wasn’t in a really high vibration space. The children were in an argumentative mood. I soon realised what was occurring so I drank a litre of water. The instant I did that, I got my usual body buzz, I could feel my eyes widen and a feeling of joy come over me. And magically too, the instant that happened, the children started giggling and having a ball and they’ve been that way ever since.

For me, it’s another wonderful reminder NOT to try and think our way to solutions. Instead – if we can manage our energy vibration and consistently maintain a state of love or higher, our energy radiates and it has an amazing effect on those around us. It also energises our intentions and manifests them easily … in magical and surprising ways.

The moral of the story?

Forget about the HOW and the DO-ING. Simply focus on acting to create an energy state of BE-ing required to manifest the solutions.

With love… Kristina x

Nutrition and the Power of Manifestation

By now most people are aware that our thoughts attract things … or more specifically, energised thoughts make those thoughts manifest into reality. The more aligned our energy is with our thoughts, the faster we manifest. And the higher our vibration levels that we can maintain the faster and more powerfully we manifest.

Believe it or not, nutrition plays a massive role in maintaining a high vibration level. For years, I had read about how important it is to eat a vegetarian diet, not only from a health perspective but also for the purposes of helping us attain and maintain a high consciousness level. Whenever I read that, the human side of me would pipe in and say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s probably okay for them but it doesn’t apply to me.”

It wasn’t until I developed a chronic health condition and weant on a nautral health journey did I actually experience the effects that nutruition on consciousness levels and in turn my ability to manifest results in my life.

Here is what I have found works for me:


We all know that our bodies need water and that we should drink two or more litres of water a day to maintain great health. Yes? But what many people don’t realise is that water also plays a massive role in helping us attain and maintain a high vibratory state. I found that when I was dehydrated, my mood levels were fairly down. On some days, depression would even set in. But – within a minute or two of drinking a big glass of water, my body would tingle and I’d go back into a very high, and sometimes bliss-filled space.


I love coffee because it really get the neurons and adrenaline firing, and helps me be highly productive when I’m writign or consulting. Having said that, it makes me edgy and I lose my bliss space. After the caffeine high starts to wear off, my mood drops and I either need another coffee to get it back up there.

When I’m conscious of what has occurred, instead I reach for a couple of glasses of water which help neutralise the effects of caffeine on my nervous system and I return back to a fairly high space. But when I’ve had caffeine I find my intuitio levels are down and my ability to tune in to guides is significantly reduced.

Caffeine, as you probably know, is a stimulant and interferes with the functioning of the nervous system. Even though it gives us an instant energy hit, overall it depletes our bodies of energy, which prevents us from attaining a high vibratory state. And it’s that high vibration state that is essential in broadcasting our intentions to the Universe.

Processed foods

As part of my health adventure I have cut out all processed foods from my diet including dairy, wheat and any packaged products or chemicals. When I did that, I found that my body became very attuned to my environment. My intuition significantly increased and so did my ability to sense energy. You see, we are walking energy transmitters. When they are covered in gunk the signal they send is distorted or muted. But when our bodies are clean, we are sending and receiving clear signals from the Universe.

Goji Berries

I go through about 5 packets of Goji berries a week. I’ll pop a handful in my mouth and as soon as I do that, my body starts to tingle and I can feel an instant vibrationary uplift. berries of all types ar eknown to enhance the performance of the nervous system and protect it from damage. The healthier our nervous system functions, the clearer the signals that our bodies send out into the Universe.

Vegetarian and especially raw food

Raw vegetables have a high vibrational frequency and take less time for our bodies to digest. The digestion process normally takes a lot of our body’s energy so it makes sense eat foods that don’t use up a lot of our body’s energy reserves. The more energy our body has, the easier it is for us to communicate our intentions to the Universe. You have probably experienced it yourself … after a big meal of meat many people feel heavy and full and often lethargic. This is no co-incidence.

Vegetables, as I mentioned earlier (especially raw ones) have a high vibrational frequency which means when we ingest them, they often increase or at the very least, entrain with our body’s own vibrational frequency. Not only that, they help protect and restore the functioning of our body’s nervous system so we can clearly communicate with the Universe.

Certain foods have a higher vibrational frequency than others. As mentioned, berries are one of them. Other foods include Omega 3, coconut oil fish oils and Chia seeds.

Fasting and detoxification

A clean body equals a powerful intention transmitter. Regular detoxification rids our bodies of the toxic crud that lines our organs and clogs our “intention signalling equipment”.  With that, before exploring any of the above options, it’s important to clean out your equipment first. That’s why you’ll often read how the greatest “masters” all regularly fasted … to enhance their spiritual awareness. I know that whenever I fast, after day three or so I’m in an incredibly connected space.

So – even if going vegetarian doesn’t interest you from a health perspective, think about it from a manifestation power” perspective. If you want to manifest powerfully it’s vital that you have a transmitter (your body) that is transmitting strong signals. Go ahead experiment. Try it and see what you experience. And let me know how you go – I’d love to hear from you.




Electricity, Energy and the Power of Grounding

Up in the clouds? Grasshopper mind? In your head thinking a million miles a minute?

Sound familiar? If so, join the club. I’m naturally an ideas person who has a tendency to think faster at the speed of light always dreaming up new solutions to things.

While that’s an incredible asset in terms of entrepreneurialism, it comes with challenges especially if you’re on a quest for spiritual awakening.

It’s funny how we can learn something intellectually and understand it intellectually but it isn’t until we actually try it and experience the effects that it has in our lives on a first hand, that we take it seriously.

Years ago, when I first embarked on a spiritual path,  a lot of  people already on the path said to me, “Kris, you’re not grounded. You need to ground yourself.”

The way they told me to do that was to picture a grounding cord going from my base chakra down and penetrating the earth.

For me, being a person who still had one foot planted in a capitalistic, entrepreneurial world, I figured, that was all “woo woo” kind of stuff and I didn’t pay it a lot of attention.

And what did “grounding” mean anyway?

If you’re like I was back then, when you first heard the term perhaps you thought it was a cute thing to do but would have no real effect in real, everyday life. Thankfully, my views have changed dramatically since then.

Let’s first look at what grounding is and how it affects our lives.

I’d like you to think about electricity for a moment.

We all know that a ground wire is used in electrical wiring to prevent electrical currents going haywire and also to protect us against electric shock.  If there is no ground wire that appliance will still operate. Yes? The trouble is, if there is a power surge, water or any other influence on the electrical system it can cause electric shock.  In other words, the grounding wire is a protection from outside interference.

The human body works in the same way. When we are in our heads thinking and thinking about things, we have neurons firing all over the place. Our energy is scattered which makes us susceptible to stress, energy vampires and other toxic substances and influences that can affect our energy body.

Not being in a grounded state causes:

  • Stress and tension
  • Brain fry and scatteredness
  • Exhaustion
  • A sense of feeling lost and directionless
  • Brain fog and a lack of clarity
  • Being easily influenced – like at motivational seminars where we get on such an artificial high, followed by a crash when we get back home to real life.
  • Reduced grip on reality which leads to poor decision making.
  • All manner of health problems (which happened in my case until I learnt how to overcome it)
  • Making decisions that are based on the desires of others
  • Not knowing what’s true for you.
  • Being influenced by other people’s negative energies or positive energies
  • Off with the pixies in daydreaming land having no grip on reality (this is especially a challenge for people who go on a spiritual path or work in the psychic realm. They’re up in different dimensions and unless they ground themselves they can easily become scattered.)

On the other hand, being grounded offers so many benefits including:

  • Feeling comfortable in your skin
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Clarity of thinking
  • Better, more practical decision making
  • Much better focus
  • Ability to easily tap into your heart centre and operate in a heart space
  • Significant speeding up of our ability to manifest

Like me, you want to live a life filled with love and magic. Where you have the power to manifest anything your heart desires. Where you live your truth – your destiny. A life where you can be truly happy.

The fact is, being “ungrounded” is a key impediment on that quest. It affects your ability to experience happiness and peace. It creates confusion, stress, fear. It also can adversely affect your health.

Back to the electricity example, for a moment. A grounding wire is also known as an “earth” and there’s a good reason for that.

Earth energy grounds everything. It creates a stable platform for everyone and everything to operate in the world.

It gives us a sense of ourselves. A knowingness of our own being.

That’s why when we’re out in nature we feel a sense of peace.

When we go into our heads either thinking or channelling (wihtou grounding ourselves first), we lose that sense of centredness … that sense of knowing.

So how do you ground yourself?

There are plenty of ways to do it. Naturally, meditation is a fantastic tool for doing that however if you’re at work perhaps that isn’t an option so here are some of the simpler methods.

  • Eating warm food. Warm food nurtures our stomach which is the organ within our bodies that is most affected by the Earth element.
  • Take your shoes off and walk in the grass and actively focus on the feeling of the grass or dirt on your feet.
  • Go for a barefoot walk on the beach.
  • Any form of exercise.
  • Do some gardening.
  • Quick grounding exercises: If you’re at work, simply sit on your chair and focus on your tailbone. Imagine a golden cord working it’s way from your tailbone through the floor, through the dirt and through the earth’s crust. Imagine that as that cord moves to the earth’s centre, all the energies that you have accumulated, thought processes, other people’s stuff are going down that grounding chord.
  • Belly Breathing: When we’re scattered our breathing is shallow and in our chest. When we’re centred our breathing is slower and occurs deep in our bellies.
  • Drinking water.
  • Drinking less coffee. Coffee increase mental alertness and can create scatteredness along the way.
  • Do daily chakra balancing.

If you are sceptical that “grounding” yourself will benefit you, avoid the mistakes I made and just try it anyway – even if you are too busy to consider it. A couple of minutes out of your day will dramatically increase your happiness levels, your productivity and decision making abilities. I guarantee it.

This simple exercise could be the one thing that completely transforms your life (especially if you are a naturally sensitive person).