I Cried When I Saw This Video That Revealed One of the Greatest Copywriting Secrets Ever

I was at a Google seminar this week and the presenter played a very short video. Even though I’d seen it before, the punchline at the end brought a tear to my eye. It showcased what I call “the Missing Element”.

Interestingly, it’s also point no. 18 ” in my “17  Fundamental Copywriting Truths” ebook. If you haven’t grabbed your free copy, you can do that here.

17 Fundamental Truths that Tell the REAL Story About Writing Words that Sell

Six Steps To Creating a Brand Name that Sells


If you’re like most business owners and marketing professionals you know that there’s power in a strong brand. You probably also know that unless you throw millions into building brand equity, it’s difficult to successfully compete with the iconic names in your industry.

So how do you do it on a limited budget?

One key is to have a brand name that sells.  Something that is really memorable like:


The ABC of Customer Segmentation

As you know, not all customers are created equal from a sales perspective. Most businesses find that 20% of their customer databases are producing 80% of their sales yet that 80% of  their time is spent serving the needs of the 80% of the non-sales-producing customers.

In many situations, I recommend that business owners undertake some customer segmentation activities to identify the profile of their ideal customer, cull the 80% who aren’t as profitable and focus on serving the needs of the 20% more effectively. Nine times out of ten even though they’ve dramatically reduced their customer base their sales still increase.

Here are some customer segmentation tips to help you increase your marketing results… (more…)

How to Boost Your Sales by 22% Virtually Overnight

Perhaps you have heard of the business growth equation (otherwise known as the 5 ways to increase the profitability of your business).

As part of that equation, there are two areas that (I find) most business professionals overlook and, as a result, end up costing themselves big money (no matter whether they’re in the online or offline space).

Let’s take a look at what they are. …


The Key To Customer Love: A Shared Higher Purpose:

A recent study featured in the Harvard Business Review showed that many companies have been fooling themselves into believing that customer engagement is king – that the more we interact with consumers the stronger the relationship they have with them.  In a recent study of over 7000 people (conducted by Karen Freeman, Patrick Spenner and Anna Bird), only 23% of consumers actually wanted that.

Interaction wasn’t what they wanted. Instead, the key to having a relationship with a company was when they shared the same higher purpose and values with a company.


Direct Mail Copywriting Secrets: The Visual Involvement Device

Here’s an excerpt from one of the modules of my Freelance Copywriting Course . It talks about the power of using visual involvement devices in  your direct mail efforts.

Today, more and more people are getting bombarded by direct mail, and with that, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure your direct mail piece has what it takes to get to the top of that pile AND gets read. AND … if your clients are business decision makers it’s often even more difficult to get your letter seen by the right person because, quite often, the secretary or gatekeeper screens all direct mail before it gets passed on. If they don’t deem it worthy, it gets binned.

A fantastic way to double, even quadruple, your responses is to include a visual device in your package. A visual device stimulates your readers’ senses and helps them relate to what you’re saying.