Quick Tips For Selling (or Copywriting) to the “C” type personality

In an earlier article we spoke about the importance of adapting your sales approach or your copywriting approach to suit different personality types. I also spoke about how the DiSC profiling system is a valuable tool in helping you do that.

In this article I’ll address the “C” or “Conscientious” type of person and give you tips on how to communicate with them in a language and using a style that fits them best.

In DiSC profiling, The “C” Type personality, or the “conscientiousness” type, is interested in details. They prefer to get as much information as possible from you as a sales person and will have no problem with listening to you going through every little detail of what it is you have to offer, before making their ultimate decision.

This type of person is concerned with the facts — the “right” way of doing things, in order and precisely.

They are quieter types who are more thoughtful than talkative and they may have a tendency to become silent, thinking things through in their heads.  Whilst formal, they are incredibly polite people who are often quite expressionless and don’t tend to let off any clues about what they are feeling.

When selling to the “C” style person, be sure not to confuse them with excessive talking and too much focus on the social aspect of selling. They are mainly concerned by the facts, success and value of your product and/or service. They will become disinterested if you settle for telling them things of no true relevance.

In your copywriting and face to face communication be sure to concentrate on the “why”: why the customer would want to invest in your product, why it will be beneficial to them and why distract them with excessive conversation.

Evidence is key. Provide documentation and information to back up your claims.

Here are some copywriting tips that will help you effectively communicate with a C type person:

  • Use intellectual, auditory digital words – like contemplate, think, analyse, consider.
  • Use graphs, charts, statistics and research that proves your claims.
  • Feature case studies and testimonials that have the full details and picture of the person providing the testimonial.
  • Don’t over-exaggerate your claims. Stick with the facts.
  • Don’t use a lot of fluff in your copy.
  • Establishing trust is more important with this type of person than with other types so the style of copy you use and the tone of voice you use is important to consider as well.
  • C types like structure so numerous subheadings in your copy, neatly aligned text is important and mentioning numbered steps on “this is what happens next” will help these people make a decision.
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About Kristina Mills:
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