Peace-Loving Copywriters And How They Excel

Of the nine different copywriter personalities, the copywriters who people can always count on to make them feel at ease are the Mediators.

People love Mediator copywriters because they are wise, peaceful and gentle and often keep their cool in the most stressful of writing situations. This peaceful energy draws people to them because they make people feel at ease.

They’re awesome peacemakers and because of that they’re often “YES people” who are keen on making the client happy instead of generating great copywriting results. They avoid confrontation at all costs so saying NO or challenging a client’s point-of-view is sometimes difficult for them to do.

They often have highly creative minds and an optimistic outlook on situations and often dreaming up innovative solutions to a client’s problem. Those solutions however will rarely be controversial because they aren’t big fans of making waves.

At their worst, the Mediator can be seen as lazy as they have a laid back, sometimes inactive approach to life. Hard work isn’t something that comes naturally to them.

When clients have lofty goals they’ll go at them do what they can to reach them as much as they possibly can. What’s more, they’re often enthusiastic and great team players.

On the challenging side, Mediators can be self-effacing and participate in some martyrdom. To keep the peace you may see them writing material just to please a client. You may also see them writing copy on topics that they don’t enjoy. You may also see them doing freebies and working for fees that are much lower than what they deserve because they want to keep the peace so sometimes they don’t ask for what they want.

Mediators love to create harmony with the environment and this love of harmony often shows up in their writing style. With that, people may notice a lot of flow and rhythm to their writing style.

Mediators are very accepting of others, they’re stable and they’re trusting which makes them ideally suited to an advertising agency environment. In a self-employment environment these freelance copywriters can often be seen teaming up with another copywriter or graphic designer as they don’t like being alone.

About Kristina Mills:
Kristina Mills is a highly regarded direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, entrepreneur and success strategist having worked with and produced great results for some of Australia's most inspirational entrepreneurs, speakers, event companies, professional services firms, property companies, and internet entrepreneurs. She is the author of Invisible Genius Vol1 and 2, Freelance Copywriting Fast Track Course, Direct Mail Mastery, Web Copy Mastery, Invisible Genius Vol.1 and 2, Mortgage Broker Letters that Sell, Real Estate Letters that Sell, How to Create a Sales Explosion With Every Ad and Letter Your Write. To find out more about how Kristina can help you live your potential, arrange a free 15 minute phone chat.

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