Your Fastest Path To Copywriting Wealth: The Perfectionist?

All people are different and all copywriters are different. Some, based on their personality excel more easily at some areas more than others. All up, there are nine copywriting personalities and the Perfectionist is one of the most interesting.

Perfectionists are advocates with a very strong moral compass so you’ll rarely see them writing copy for porn or gambling or anything that isn’t completely ethical.

These types of copywriters are most likely to be the ones who topped their class. They followed every instruction to the letter during their course. They probably took notes, highlighted pages, mind-mapped each and every page, recorded it and played it back to themselves at night so they could perfect their understanding of the topic.

Perfectionists like order and they’re well organised too. You’ll never see a full stop or comma out of place in anything written by a Perfectionist copywriter. No typos. Nothing. After all, they’re perfectionists.

The Perfectionist is focused on doing good and doing the right thing because when they do that, they feel worthy. When it comes to copywriting their focus is often on how perfect the work is and not so much on how helpful they are being to the client.

They may find that they procrastinate on some types of projects where they haven’t yet mastered the style, because they’re terrified of making mistakes.

On the upside they’re really well organised and pride themselves on being on time with their writing deadlines so clients can always rely on them to produce deadline-driven copy.

They fear judgement and criticism so their focus is on being the best copywriter they possibly can be. One way they do that is through being methodical and developing (and following) a really structured system of doing things.

They have great attention to detail and are great finishers too.

Truth and justice are high on the list of the Perfectionist’s values so they often won’t indulge clients who want to bend the truth in the copy always following all advertising legislation to the letter.

Perfectionists can be great at virtually any area of copywriting. They work amazingly well in technical writing areas where high levels of accuracy and high levels of concentration are required.  They often keep up to date with the latest copywriting techniques and systems available on the market.  Some Perfectionists though, may struggle with hard core direct response copy because they may have moral issues around truth in advertising.

About Kristina Mills:
Kristina Mills is a highly regarded direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, entrepreneur and success strategist having worked with and produced great results for some of Australia's most inspirational entrepreneurs, speakers, event companies, professional services firms, property companies, and internet entrepreneurs. She is the author of Invisible Genius Vol1 and 2, Freelance Copywriting Fast Track Course, Direct Mail Mastery, Web Copy Mastery, Invisible Genius Vol.1 and 2, Mortgage Broker Letters that Sell, Real Estate Letters that Sell, How to Create a Sales Explosion With Every Ad and Letter Your Write. To find out more about how Kristina can help you live your potential, arrange a free 15 minute phone chat.

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