One of the Biggest Secrets Behind the World’s Greatest Inventions


Have you ever noticed how some of the greatest, world-first inventions stem from finding a solution to the greatest frustrations?

That’s what happened when one of my clients, an Aussie inventor on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast discovered a solution to a problem that marine industry giants worldwide had been trying to fix (without luck) for decades.

“Traditionally, fixing boat damage is difficult, messy and time-consuming. Plus, the results of DIY repairs are often ugly,” said Warwick. That got me asking the question, ‘What if there was a completely new way to make it so simple to fix and colour blemishes on boats, even a child could do the repair fast?’”

Warwick knew all too well the challenges of repairing surface blemishes after spending 30 years in the auto touch up industry where he patented a range of over 120 automotive touch up fillers. He turned his attention to boats after a friend approached him telling him how many problems he experiences when trying to fix damage on his fiberglass boat.

His patented nanotechnology products Hairline Fix and 9 Second Chip Fix were born.

Problem 1: Fibreglass repair involves two or even three part solutions – catalyst and a colourant.

9 Second Chip Fix is a one part solution so there’s no mixing of catalysts plus it ocmes with an in-built colourant.

Problem 2: It’s messy and potentially toxic

9 Second Chip Fix has no odour and is water soluble.

Problem 3:  It’s hard to get the color right.

MagicEzy’s unique application system does away with the need to have a perfect colour match. Select a similar color and follow the instructions and the color match looks acceptable to the eye.

Problem 4: DIY repairs fall out or peel.

The use of nanotechnology has created a structural grade product that sticks like Super Glue to fiberglass, tiles and many other surfaces. MagicEzy are so confident of the results that they offer a 3 year guarantee.

Problem 5: You need three or even four hands to perform a repair

Warwick found that one of the biggest frustrations when repairing surface damage on cars was that he needed three hands to hold a tissue, a cap, a touch-up product and a levelling device so he invented a solution to this problem too.

He developed a patented levelling system built into the end of the pocket-sized MagicEzy tube so all you need to do it squirt MagicEzy into the damage, turn the tube around to level it then wipe off excess with a tissue.

Problem 6: Sanding prepwork

The MagicEzy formula has such high levels of adhesion that no sanding prepwork is required. Just a clean surface is all that is needed.

The Result:

MagicEzy launched in December 2013 in Australia with its first products being ready for commercial shipment in April. Already it’s in 83 stores around Australia, it has won a highly coveted marine industry accolade, Top Products Award 2014 from Boating Industry Magazine. Not only that, it has received so much international media coverage that they couldn’t keep up with consumer demand. To find out more about MagicEzy products and their campaign to fly into USA, click here. 



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