One of Steve Job’s Unusual Success Traits – Do you Share It?



Steve Jobs had super powers. Now, I’m not talking leaping small buildings in a single bound but he had super powers nonetheless.


He had the ability to shatter people’s beliefs of what was possible.

This ability was SO powerful people consistently produced miracles, while under his spell.

His spell was called his ‘Reality Distortion Field’.

Apple employee, Bud Trimble first started using the term in 1981 as a way of describing Steve Jobs’ over-the-top sense of belief in what was possible.

It came from an episode of Star Trek, where aliens produced an alternative reality through the force of their will.

So what was it?

Jobs’ force of belief was so powerful that it actually distorted what other people’s perceptions of reality were, so they started believing that even the most seemingly impossible tasks were indeed possible.

Time and time again it worked miracles.

In pre-Apple days, when Jobs was working the night shift at Atari, he convinced Steve Wozniak to create a game entitled Breakout.

Wozniak indicated that it would take months to create.

Jobs insisted that it could be completed in four days.

Jobs was right.

You see, when we believe something with 100% certainty, it permeates through every cell in our body and fires up the electromagnetic fields in our body.

These electromagnetic fields can be felt and experienced by others.

These fields also influence others.

How do you embody such an incredible sense of belief and confidence that you create your own Reality Distortion Field?

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