Consciousness Experiment: The Dentist

Even the thought of a trip to the dentist strikes fear into most people.

Why? Is it the thought of pain? Or is it something else?

For people who read my experiments in consciousness you may know that I love seeing how various environmental factors affect my state of consciousness.  I experiment with a lot of minor elements to see the effect they have. I document them as part of my research into consciousness for the Alchemy Sciences Institute.

Because I do a full detox every couple of months and in between eat primarily whole foods, avoid dairy, wheat, yeast and red meat, I find that my body is a great barometer for how various substances influence my health and my state of consciousness. Without detoxing, various chemicals block our access to higher states of consciousness so our bodies are simply unaware of the stuff that’s poisoning us. But when our bodies are fairly clean, they become amazing intuitive receptors for what’s good and not so good for us.

These experiments don’t include pharmaceuticals or other drugs because of the really heavy effects they have. I even avoid cough medicines and Panadol. Sometimes however, there are situations where I can’t avoid pharmaceuticals.

Last month I went to the dentist and knew I needed a pretty large filling. Now, I know there are people who get dentistry done without anesthetic by simply going into a meditative state, but on that day I wasn’t feeling brave enough due to the size of the filling, so I figured I’d just go along for the ride and see what happened.

But boy, I won’t do that again … unless there’s an emergency.

The dentist shot the needles into my mouth and like everyone else I started to feel numb. On the way home though, I developed severe headaches, I had a vile taste in my mouth, my tongue developed a massive yellow coating and I had a feeling of panic and paranoia for the rest of the afternoon.  My brain went foggy and I couldn’t think clearly, which is a big challenge when one writes for a living.

After a couple of  hours I decided to stop the experiment so I drank 1.5 litres of water to help flush the chemicals from my system, lay down, did some serious breathwork and ran energy through my body. Usually when I undertake the breathing and go into a healing space, my consciousness levels lift fairly easily. But – with the effects of the anesthetic in my body, it took one heck of a lot of effort to get there and counteract the effects.

It’s a great reminder of the awareness-killing effects that chemicals and pharmaceuticals have on our body and how the pharmaceutical industry is doing a great job of dumbing down the population through these toxic substances.

So – next time I go to the dentist, I’ll certainly be going the anesthetic-free route.

About Kristina Mills:
Kristina Mills is a highly regarded direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, entrepreneur and success strategist having worked with and produced great results for some of Australia's most inspirational entrepreneurs, speakers, event companies, professional services firms, property companies, and internet entrepreneurs. She is the author of Invisible Genius Vol1 and 2, Freelance Copywriting Fast Track Course, Direct Mail Mastery, Web Copy Mastery, Invisible Genius Vol.1 and 2, Mortgage Broker Letters that Sell, Real Estate Letters that Sell, How to Create a Sales Explosion With Every Ad and Letter Your Write. To find out more about how Kristina can help you live your potential, arrange a free 15 minute phone chat.

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