How I Lost 15kg And Kept It Off Without Dieting

On Facebook recently I was asked a question about  how I had lost weight and improved my health. I posted a lengthy reply to that comment and thought I would reproduce it here as a blog post so my blog viewers can benefit too.

Here’s the reply in detail …

There’s a bit of a story behind it but there’s an important point to it at the end – eg. why it has lasted. Interestingly, it began with William Whitecloud MW course. One of my “choices” (goals) was to have a pure, high vibration body. Another was to to embody a state of consciousness where I can be love and spread love in the world. It was a case of “be careful what you wish for” as along the path, I developed food insensitivities where any low vibration food affected my health. So – I removed wheat, dairy, sugar and anything processed from my diet and drank a lot of water. All these thing clog our connection to source.

I also do yoga and detox every three months.

Through this process my spiritual growth went through the roof and I’m a completely different person to what I was when I was at MW.

Now here’s the point to the story ….

Had my goal simply to be to lose weight, it wouldn’t have worked long term as I have yo-yoéd in the past. Had it been to simply improve my health or fix a health challenge, that may or may not have worked long term for me. But – because the state of my body is inextricably linked to my mission in life and because my mission is so much bigger than simply being about me (it’s easier to be easy on ourselves when the mission is just about ourselves), it is just a part of who I am now. My health regime is by no means perfect but I’m working towards it – it’s a journey.

Simple things can make a big improvement and people don’t need to go all out from the start. It can be a gradual process. Even the act of drinking double the amount of water in a day helps.

I learnt about whole foods from Don Tolman and Don’s son @Tyler Tolman and Rachelle Starr runs events around Australia. So – eat natural food YES but also make sure you link in your weight/health goals to other really important values in your life (whether it’s family, kids, career etc). When it becomes so much more than just being about your own health or your own weight eg. better health or more energy that helps you [insert the blank], I find there’s a lot more discipline there. Hope that helps, Kirsty. 🙂

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