Donald Trump,Gut Instinct & Where Many People Get It Wrong

(Excerpt from the book, Invisible Genius by Kristina Mills)

Donald Trump is legendary for many things. One of them is the laser-like accuracy of his gut instinct.

In his book Think Like a Champion, he talks about what happened when he first met Mark Burnett, the creator of the television show The Apprentice.

He said that within a few seconds of meeting Mark, he knew that he was one hundred percent solid, both as a person and as a professional.

He  mentioned that he has also met others to whom he had an instant aversion. His gut reaction was right on those occasions too.

If you’re like most people, you often have an instant gut reaction to someone within the first few seconds of meeting them.

Maybe you feel it as a silent knowing. Or maybe you get an actual feeling in your gut … or something else.

The Invisible Genius of “gut instinct” is one of those things that is often difficult for many people to explain. When I ask people how they experience it, most say to me, “I just know.”

Here are some different ways people describe it:

  • A gut feeling or an instinct
  • A sixth sense
  • An inner knowing
  • A quiet inner voice
  • An idea that pops into their head

People associate all of these descriptions as being their gut instinct. And most people associate gut instinct with intuition. Gut instinct and intuition are actually two slightly different things – one is much more accurate or profound than the other.

There are a number of different levels of intuition that stem from different parts of our being. I’ll talk more about what these levels of intuition are later on. For now though, let’s look at intuition in general.

Your intuition is a feeling of knowingness that you receive after noticing some sort of sign that relates to a question you’ve been looking for answers to.

That sign may be broadcast to you via a variety of different senses – through something you hear, feel, see, or touch, or through your sixth senses. Ultimately, though, intuition is the feeling of knowingness you get when you receive that sign. In other words, you just know that something is true.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a quandary, not knowing which direction to take to increase sales in a highly competitive market.

You keep asking yourself the question, “What’s the best way to increase sales?”

An hour later, you’re on the internet and you stumble across an article talking about a business that is in a similar industry and is facing a similar challenge.

The article mentions what this business did to increase their sales.

As you read the article you get an “aha” kind of feeling. A peaceful kind of smile erupts at the back of your eyes.

“That’s it,” you say to yourself.

Or – maybe this has happened to you …

Picture this. You’re lying down relaxing after work on your balcony.

You notice how beautiful and peaceful the scenery is. In fact, you’re kind of mesmerized by the serenity.

You start pondering life and while in that peaceful state, you ask yourself, “I wonder what’s the best way to increase sales?”

You decide to close your eyes. As you do that an inner voice comes to you and says, “joint venture,” and in your  mind’s eye you see a vision of two squares morphing into one.

Let’s say you also see a vision of a calculator and you realize that the company to do the joint venture with is an accounting firm that you sometimes refer work to.

As you experience that insight, you get an inner “aha” feeling. You know that this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

The aha moment or the knowingness is the key in each of these examples.

Get the picture?

Intuition isn’t the sign itself, it’s the knowingness you feel that is accompanied by that sign.

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About Kristina Mills:
Kristina Mills is a highly regarded direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, entrepreneur and success strategist having worked with and produced great results for some of Australia's most inspirational entrepreneurs, speakers, event companies, professional services firms, property companies, and internet entrepreneurs. She is the author of Invisible Genius Vol1 and 2, Freelance Copywriting Fast Track Course, Direct Mail Mastery, Web Copy Mastery, Invisible Genius Vol.1 and 2, Mortgage Broker Letters that Sell, Real Estate Letters that Sell, How to Create a Sales Explosion With Every Ad and Letter Your Write. To find out more about how Kristina can help you live your potential, arrange a free 15 minute phone chat.

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