Intuition and the Resonance Effect

“I knew you were going to say that!”

Have you ever heard your partner say this to you? Or maybe a friend has said to you, “You two are even starting to sound alike?”

Or perhaps sometimes when you and your partner are in bed about to drift off to sleep, you find that you both start breathing in time.

The invisible force that causes these things to happen is resonance.

Once you harness the power of it at a deep level you can know what other people are thinking. You can directly tap into advice from the greatest minds in history and you can tap into world-changing ideas easier than ever.

You can achieve mastery in any area you like and you can do that many years sooner than you thought possible.

Resonance affects your attitude, your skills, your goals, your passion, your opportunities, your compassion, the amount of money you attract in your life, and how you operate in the world.

It’s neither positive nor negative, however it can affect you in both positive and negative ways.

Resonance is a kind of rhythm that people feel when they’re connected with like-minded individuals. It occurs when their thought energies are aligned with a common purpose or goal. It is also known as the Universal Law of Resonance.

In simple terms it means that when an object vibrates at a certain rate, everything around it that is in sympathy with it, starts vibrating at a similar rate.

You are probably aware that everything in the Universe is energy. Your emotions. Your energised thoughts. Your physical self. Rocks. Plants. Animals. Everything.

All energy waves vibrate at different amplitudes depending on the nature of what it is.

The Law of Resonance brings the vibration levels of similar things into alignment.

In the 1600’s, Dutch clockmaker and scientist, Christian Huygens discovered that after resetting his pendulum clocks, after awhile the pendulums of those clocks started to swing in time.

In a similar way, if you set off a tuning fork next to a stationary tuning fork, the stationary tuning fork will start vibrating in time with the one you set off. Nothing else vibrates; just the other tuning fork because two tuning forks have the same energetic make-up.

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