14 Blog Post Tips For Instant Inspiration

If you have a blog or even if you’re thinking of setting one up, you’ll probably know that one of the most difficult things to come up with is content that continues to excite your readers on a regular basis.

And – when you consider that the success of any blog hinges on …

a. People being able to find it AND

b. Just as importantly, how engaging your writing is, it’s obviously vital that your topics are interesting.

Here are some emergency blog post ideas to keep the creative juices flowing.

1. Women’s Magazines

Yes, regardless of the industry you’re in, you’ll find an abundance of inspiration from women’s mags. You see, women’s magazines especially, spend big money knowing what headlines and articles sell.

So why re-invent the wheel when you can get ideas from the experts.

Now, I hear you saying, “But I sell tools to tradies. How does that apply to me?”


The styles of articles that are written in these publications can universally be applied across virtually any industry. Simply change the content.

For instance:

  • “Top 10 Dating Rules” could be changed to “Top 10 Nail Gun Rules”
  • “Is sleeping with a guy on the first date a No No?” could be changed to “Is Cleaning Your [widget] with Sandpaper a No-No?”

Get the picture?

2. Blog about a newsworthy issue and make a prediction

One of my clients, AFA Wealth are expert self-managed Superannuation advisors to the Accounting Profession. One of their latest blogs talks about new reforms in the Accounting profession and prophesises on what that means for the future of the accounting profession. These new reforms affect most accounting and financial planning firms and they have just been released so Accountants are both confused and a little apprehensive about the future. The blog serves to alleviate the confusion and give them a way forward.

3. Take a controversial stand on something that is currently causing controversy in the industry

It’s great way to heat things up.

eg. Carbon Tax … Why It’s The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Australia (now that would stir up a few people 😉

4. Have a Weekly Column On Your Blog

It might be “John’s Market Wrap-Up” where, if you are a financial advisor you might talk about what has happened in the share market that week.

5. Share Your “My Top Sites” List

Link to your favourite sites that relate to the content matter of your blog (best bargain shopping sites, latest technological gadgets, favourite restaurants, natural therapies sites, top CRM solutions, best home improvement advice sites, etc) and include a brief explanation on each item. Your most loyal readers will appreciate how many quality resources they can get in just one post.

6. “Borrow” From Competitors’ Blogs

A similar topic from your rival’s blog might be the thing you need to be instantly inspired. You never know – it might even generate more comments (good and bad) from readers but the more interaction you have online the more popular your blog will be.

7. Get Ideas From Some Major Bloggers

Check out a popular blog site and share your thoughts about one of its posts. Don’t forget to link your URL at the end of your write-up.

8. Interviews

Either run it in a Q&A format where a reader asks you questions that you answer in your blog. Or – find an expert on a certain topic and get a quick  Q&A happening.

For instance, I get emails all the time from people asking various questions about copywriting and marketing.

9. The Supermarket

Often the most inspirational blog post ideas come from the most unusual of places. One of those places is the supermarket.

  • Marketing Lessons From The Supermarket Price War
  • Supermarket Queue Jumping Technique That Gets That Impossible Loan Approved Fast
  • The Label Reading Trend That Can Boost Any Business’s Sales by 15% Overnight.

10. Television

Many television shows either get us angry or inspired by an issue we either agree or disagree with or the story lines of those shows are designed to send a positive or inspriational message.  These can be great inspiration in themselves for articles.

Nightly Current Affairs shows often feature segments on topics that reflect consumer sentiment of the time. And the headlines they use to promote these segments often offer great inspiration.

Here are some recent segments:

  • “Big Squeeze on Citrus Growers”. Idea: Is there some sort of “big squeeze” happening in your industry?
  • “Behind the Red Curtain” Idea: Is there a previously secretive area of your industry that people are curious about?

And then there are sitcoms and other shows:

  • What “Desperate Housewives” Can Teach Us About [blah]
  • The Morning TV Show Battle Tactics And How To Use Them To Your Competitive Advantage
  • Or – you might simply borrow from something that happened in one of the scenes, to start your blog post. Eg. Last night when I was watching “Two and a Half Men” Charlie did “blah” and that got me to thinking how “blah” (relate that to the topic you want to cover).

11. Change Your View or Location

This has an amazing effect of re-invigorating the brain. Go and write at a coffee shop, visit a park or just leave your desk for an hour or two.

12. Your Own Experiences

Every situation in your life, something funny your child says, a conversation with a neighbour, an incident where you spilt milk all over the floor.

Maybe something funny or strange happened when you took your dog for a walk. Or your child said something amusing that could be related back to a story. Or when you were at a party.

Almost anything that happens in daily life can be spun into an interesting story.

13. Twitter or Facebook

SOO much inspiration here.

Every time a person asks a question, that can be adapted into an idea for a blog.  Just pick a topic that is receiving a lot of comments and you know you’re onto a winner.

I recently put an innocent Status Update on Facebook talking about how I got flowers on a first date. That simple update got dozens of responses and evolved into a lengthy conversation about whether or not it’s good to give flowers on a first date and what that means about the self-esteem of the person and ended with a conversation on intuition.

So many blog ideas could have come out of that

  • Giving Flowers on a First Date: What That Really Says About Him
  • The Hidden Dating War: Why Guys Can’t Win No Matter What They Do

Or give it a spin into another industry:

  • The First Date Experience That Triggered a $30,000 Business Growth Idea For a Photographer
  • Chivalry And Customer Service:

14. If in doubt, Google it

If you’re still stuck, just Google the keywords “blog post ideas” and the results are endless.

If you’d like some help writing blogs that get results, give us a buzz. We can either map out a blog communications schedule with 10, 20 or even 30 blog post ideas, headlines and starter sentences for you, or we can write them all from scratch for you. Just call our office on 07 5448 9465 or email us at info @ wordsthatsell.com.au



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