Marketing and The Law of Attraction

By now, most people have seen the movie, “The Secret”. If you haven’t heard it, I’ll fill you in quickly. It focuses on the Universal Law of Attraction.

In simple terms, “like attracts like”. In other words, what you think about manifests. At a basic level, think great thoughts and watch great things happen in your life. Think insecure, unconfident thoughts and watch your results suffer.

The Law of Attraction comes into play a lot in marketing too.

Most people can remember times like these when you desperately needed to bring in more sales and for the life of you, you couldn’t manage to close a deal. And then there were other times when you went into sales presentations not really caring whether it came off or not, and it was like you had the Midas touch. Everyone wanted to buy.

This all has to do with your state of mind. Desperation or a “lack” mentality attracts “lack” results. On the other hand, an abundance mentality attracts abundant results.

The same works with your promotional efforts. If your marketing offers look like you’re desperate people get suspicious.

Also, if your products are top-of-the-range and you have a shabby shopfront, you won’t attract sales.

And … if you market yourself with headlines that say something like, “How to suck money out of your customers’ wallets and have them coming back begging for more”, chances are you’re going to attract tons of customers who are keen to rip you off. Makes you think, doesn’t it!

In fact, the Law of Attraction comes into play in every area of your business, especially in your marketing.

So what message are you sending out into the universe in each of these areas and what results are you getting as a result?

• Office décor
• Street signage
• The look and feel of your website
• Your corporate identity and branding
• Your corporate colours
• Design of your marketing collateral
• The personality of your sales copy
• Your pricing strategy
• The presentation of your people
• The personalities of your people
• The energy levels and attitudes of your people
• The culture of your organisation
• The nature of the promotional offers that you make
• The places you advertise
• The way you approach a sales presentation
• The amount of media exposure you get
• Your media profile
• … and more

So are you attracting the results you want?

About Kristina Mills:
Kristina Mills is a highly regarded direct response copywriter, marketing strategist, entrepreneur and success strategist having worked with and produced great results for some of Australia's most inspirational entrepreneurs, speakers, event companies, professional services firms, property companies, and internet entrepreneurs. She is the author of Invisible Genius Vol1 and 2, Freelance Copywriting Fast Track Course, Direct Mail Mastery, Web Copy Mastery, Invisible Genius Vol.1 and 2, Mortgage Broker Letters that Sell, Real Estate Letters that Sell, How to Create a Sales Explosion With Every Ad and Letter Your Write. To find out more about how Kristina can help you live your potential, arrange a free 15 minute phone chat.

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