Consciousness Experiment: Sourdough

bread, wheat, consciousness levelsIn my adventures on the path to “Know Thyself” I continually conduct experiments on myself to see how various relatively everyday environmental factors, foods, meditation techniques, and thought processes affect me directly or have an impact on my life in some way.

What I’ve found is that everything, absolutely everything affects our consciousness levels – either for the better or the worse … and especially food.

That’s why, for the most part, I only eat whole foods. I avoid sugar, wheat, yeast and anything in a package, virtually never eat red meat and only occasionally have chicken or fish. And when our bodies are fairly free of these substances we become highly tuned radars for what elements are good and not so good for our bodies.

As part of my experiments in consciousness I occasionally experiment with foods that I know aren’t great for me … just to see what happens … so I can document the effects as part of my research through the Alchemy Sciences Institute … that, and just because I love seeing what affects my consciousness state.

Today, it was bread … or more specifically, Sour dough. Sour dough, so I’m told, doesn’t contain yeast but does contain wheat. I’ve found that normal bread does nasty things to me psychologically and physically. Gluten free bread makes my face get scaly and the yeast has other effects on my system.

So – today, yeast-free bread…

Within 5 minutes of eating it, I felt a heavy thickening sensation in my third eye region, which then spread down my face, and a crushing density in my chest cavity … which some say is our access to Christ Consciousness. Plus, I had a serious case of brain fog.

Then – interestingly, within 15 minutes, my crown chakra started buzzing, my body started buzzing, I felt a wave of joy come over me, and I felt an energetic healing take place.

The moral of the story: Wheat is nasty stuff – avoid it. It fogs our brains, clouds our judgement and suppresses our awareness. Numerous studies have been done to show that processed wheat causes depression, contributes to various Irritable Bowel conditions and even reduces our mental capacities. Most importantly though, it reduces our ability to connect with our intuition. I talk about this more in my book, “Instinct”.


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