Energy Alignment

Siete chakras

Having been on a gut-related healing adventure myself I know  the effect that emotions have on the body and also how unresolved emotion affects our body chemistry and our cell tissue.

Over the years I have tried and/or trained in a number of energy healing techniques as well as mind-body processes designed to free myself from the metaphysical causes of my health challenges.

Some worked temporarily. Some didn’t.

After much experimentation and research I have a refined an energy alignment method that has helped me restore my health and significantly advance my spiritual development.

I began using this method with others and have found equally as beneficial results.

It’s a unique combination of methods that work on a multi-dimensional level to clear past life karma as well as childhood woundings that are being stored in your body and affecting your health and wellbeing. The process includes a combination of energetic work and verbal processes that together work to clear blockages that are adversely affecting you physically, emotionally and spiritually and help enhance your physical wellbeing.

The potential benefits of these sessions include:

  • Remove the energetic blockages that have been adversely affecting your health which helps restore your body’s self-healing capacity.
  • Remove limiting beliefs that have been stopping you from living a life you love.
  • Say goodbye to stress and experience greater vitality and a renewed sense of peace.
  • Feel a greater sense of purpose in your life.


These sessions are conducted via distance and are as equally as powerful as face-to-face sessions, sometimes even more powerful.

  • 1 hour session: $190 (subject to availability)
  • 1/2 hour session – $110

To arrange your session simply click here to contact our office. We’d love to serve you.